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Through the meditative practice of Forest Bathing, we experience the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature.


A woman pauses before beginning her forest bathing session to set her intentions. She will leave her hectic schedule and stressful worries behind. She steps past the threshold and enters the quiet in the wild. An unspoken dialogue unfolds as the woman walks mindfully through the forest. The forest welcomes her respectful presence and provides her a respite from the fast-paced modern world. The woman feels the gentle pull of the earth and consciously opens her senses to absorb every nearby sound and sensation.


As her forest bathing walk ends, she is grateful to the architects and caretakers of this trail and is inspired to do her part. She will tend the trail and help create the quiet in the wild.

QUIET IN THE WILD is a short documentary film exploring the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature through the meditative practice of forest bathing. 


In this poetic mode documentary, we follow a woman on a forest bathing session from start to finish. The woman seeks a refuge, a serene space where she can immerse herself in the depth and life of the forest. The forest, in turn, welcomes her respectful presence and offers its quiet restoration as she slowly walks through. 


A minimal musical score enhances the experience as the woman interacts with wildlife, flowers, and running water over the course of the walk. Viewers will be carried along with the forest bather, in the slow movement, interactions, and mindful awareness that are key facets of forest bathing.

This film is deeply immersive and experiential, intended to be a meditative experience in itself - a break from the rhythms of modern life. Forest bathing is a practice that is gaining in popularity worldwide and this film is well-timed as more people are looking for ways to improve their mental health and find practices that are affordable and sustainable. It will also appeal to nature lovers, environmentalists, and anyone interested in meditation/mindfulness. Forest bathing is highly accessible and open to people of all demographics.

We’re looking for sponsors at every level.  Just as forest bathing is open and accessible to everyone, we welcome anyone with an interest in this film to support us financially, follow us on social media, and share our posts as the film begins screening worldwide at film festivals. 


Since the film has finished production, we are looking for sponsors to partner with us to cover our post-production services and costs associated with screenings at film festivals. 

If you are interested in sponsoring QUIET IN THE WILD or hosting a screening for your organization or community, please reach out to us!

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